Active Archive

What is Active Archive?

Active Archive is a combined solution of open systems applications, disk and tape hardware that allows you to effortlessly store, manage and access all of your data. Developing policies to meet your organizations storage requirements enables automatic migration of data onto more cost effective storage. There is no longer a need to store all of your data on expensive disk, yet it remains completely accessible. 

Why did this solution develop?

Latest developments in open systems applications and tape storage are rapidly changing how you can store and manage all of your data. With the ability to extend file systems seamlessly onto tape, active archiving is the latest solution approach that can leverage the strong suits of any storage medium. Users now have the ability to extend a file system over a myriad of different storage structures to appear as a single, logical storage volume, allowing data to reside on the most appropriate storage level.

 “The unbridled growth of unstructured data, and the need to keep that data online and available, is one of the biggest challenges facing customers today.  With the introduction of Active Archive, it’s intelligent, policy based file management and the ability to leverage tape as NAS, these challenges can be easily overcome in a very cost effective and seamless manner.”

Drew Milles, Senior Systems Architect & Active Archive Certified Architect
Sanity Solutions

Greater Capacity

Active archives offer an intelligent framework made up of applications that offer storage virtualization and a data management platform that effortlessly stores and scales to petabytes of data across different storage mediums.

Lower Cost

Optimize primary disk’s role in your environment and reduce costs per terabyte up to 75% by creating a seamless storage pool. An active archive easily accommodates large scale data growth by migrating infrequently accessed data to economy storage.

High Accessibility

Effortlessly manage unstructured data by employing an active archive that seamlessly expands the file system over all storage platforms. An active archive becomes the optimal storage choice because it eliminates IT administrator intervention. Users have complete access to all of the organization’s data, regardless of the platform it is stored on. Active archive helps you properly provision your storage and give you online access to ALL of your data.



The INSIC report "International Magnetic Tape Storage Roadmap - Part 1: Applications and Systems"

'For active archive – that is, data that has moved from primary disk—the tape copy serves as the primary copy. This permits all data to be accessible all the time. Typically the data moves to tapes tier 2 or tier 3. This reflects a trend to increase tape's use for nearline retrieval of information that is less actively accessed than the information kept on disk. Tape is more reliable than disk, has a much longer archival life, and much lower power and cooling requirements. It requires a few minutes of latency in retrieving data—two minutes or less, typically, in contemporary tape automation systems.' Read the full report here




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