Direct Attached Storage

Direct Attached Storage

Direct-attached storage (DAS) may be considered the most basic of data storage systems. Direct-attached storage, or DAS is directly connected to the computer that is accessing. This is unlike NAS, or network attached storage, which is a free-standing, independent system that can be accessed across multiple computers and has a browser accessed monitoring interface.

DAS can refer to a single drive (your hard drive on your desktop) or a group of drives that are connected as in a RAID array. DAS can be in the physical computer, or externally on the outside of the computer or server. Although DAS is not connected to a network it can still be used by multiple systems as long as each server or computer has a separate connection to the storage device.

Why would your enterprise elect to use a DAS? Low cost, simplicity, and sanity in your data storage configuration! Sanity Solutions' architects can evaluate your current data management system, review the growth and goals of your enterprise, and develop a comprehensive solution for your organization. For additional help and services, contact us at


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