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Flash technology answers the question of "How efficiently can we store our data?" and "How fast can we process our data for our core business?".  

Sanity Solutions has been successfully helping our clients to modernize their data centers and transform their IT infrastructure to being more competitive in the emerging digital marketplace. We continually hear our customers saying that they need to rebalance their IT expenditures to spend less on keeping the lights on, and use the saving to invest in more innovation to help their business units be more competitive.

Flash storage technology is driving a fundamental market shift away from traditional rotating hard disk drives and is being driven by the rapid decrease in the cost of solid state storage. So what exactly is flash storage and how does it differ or compare to SSDs? Flash is a type of memory that is very fast and doesn’t require continuous power. When it is incorporated into a hard disk drive form factor (such as a 2.5 inch disk drive), it is commonly referred to as an SSD (Solid State Disk). However, new form factors such as M.2 (pronounced M dot two) can be internally mounted computer expansion cards directly to the PCI Express high-speed memory connection lanes.

A real world example of the benefit of integrating Flash into a data environment. An oil and gas company achieved not only a 14% reduction in the cost per effective TB, but also achieved a reduction in annual maintenance of 50% and the added benefit of being a more environmentally friendly company with a 58% overall savings in power and cooling.

Flash storage provides the necessary storage performance with higher speed and faster throughput, but also has two additional key benefits of small size and low power, both due to the fact that there no moving parts or motors that are found in all rotating hard disk drives.

Sanity Solutions can provide assistance to companies that are interested in getting ahead of the curve. Contact us to see if Flash storage is the best integration to your environment.

“Flash allows you to do more with really the same cost. And doing more is always good for business. We have found that if an organization is hesitant in integrating flash into their data centers there reason was because of cost. However, that reasoning was they haven’t looked into the economics recently. ”

-Chris Gross, Sanity Solutions Vice President of Technology


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