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Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage, or NAS, is a file level data storage server system connected to a specific computer network. A NAS system is designed for serving files by its hardware, software or configuration. It is often built as a specialized computer, or 'computer appliance'. NAS networks have proven to be a convenient technology and dedicated method of sharing files between multiple computers in an organization. 

NAS systems may contain one or more hard disk drives, or HDD's and often are arranged into redundant storage containers or RAID. To simplify it, a NAS system is a self-contained solution for sharing files over a network, unlike a Direct Attached Storage (DAS) which is an extension of an existing server and does not need to be networked. NAS devices/systems do not usually have a keyboard or display, but are instead managed in a browser, and each has its own IP address.

NAS systems are an ideal solution for a professional environment wanting to ensure any and all employees have access to the same files, facilitating growth of your organization. Fun fact, NAS systems are also used in the home! Did you know your smart TV, Nest, security system and even your smart phone? Well they do. NAS systems are appropriate for enterprise and in the home.

NAS Services

Sanity Solutions, Inc. partners with industry leaders in storage based solutions. Our team of professionals specialize in NAS evaluations and data management assessments. If you would like an assessment or additional information regarding data solutions email


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