'Virtualization-The Swiss Army Knife of Technology'

Since the advent of virtualization, organizations both large and small recognize the value of having an instrument which satisfies a variety of needs. The power of virtualization extends across the lines of technology to improve server, storage, and networking environments. Data virtualization software and services provided by Sanity Solutions can help.

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Using virtualization services to optimize resources has proven to be a cost effective and efficient solution for many of our clients. Virtualization also offers flexibility giving IT organizations the ability to quickly adapt to changing business requirements. In today’s world of rapid change, data virtualization solutions have become essential for our clients.
While most IT organizations are familiar with server-based virtualization, virtualization has moved far beyond just compute. It is now being incorporated by SDN (Software defined networking), SDS (software-defined storage), SDDC (software-defined datacenter). The same benefits that were realized from server-based virtualization are also being realized within these technologies.

Sanity in Action-Virtualization Case Study

Client: Advanced Circuits
Industry: Manufacturing
Symptoms: Physical server based environment. Multiple single point and mission critical failures with primary application.
The Sanity Solution: Implementing a virtualization based solution which reduced software redundancy allowing for mission critical applications to increase performance and availability.