Contributed by: Kimberly James on September 6, 2017.

Over 500 breakout sessions, keynotes, boot camps and roundtables covering all things virtualization over 5 days in Vegas can only mean one thing; VMWorld is in town! Along with thousands of the sharpest industry experts and practitioners, Sanity Solutions also had a team roaming the halls taking in everything the conference had to offer; we caught up with a few of them to get the download.

In his first appearance at VMWorld, Sanity engineer and architect Nick Goodman was a fresh set of eyes on the conference and used the event to capitalize on the education and networking opportunities VMWorld presents.

“I felt like the conversations, Hands on Labs, sessions towards vSAN and NSX were invaluable to me to be able to further help my customers in building the right solution for them.” VMWorld also brings together several subject matter experts for attendees to connect with and bounce questions off of, “There are many high-profile VMware employees that are also well known in the world of virtualization that I look forward to meeting that have helped me tackle unique challenges when building custom solutions for clients,” Goodman remarked.

Chris Gross, Sanity’s VP of Technology, made his 6th trip to the virtualization conference and even as a veteran had several great takeaways from the show. From the new NSX platform to the coming Amazon and Azure integration, it’s clear that customers will have an ever-growing roster of solutions to fit their needs.

“VMware has created a platform in NSX that allows for almost any enterprise to enable hybrid cloud without the complications or security concerns that have always stopped them,” comments Gross.

Honoring the core value of education at Sanity Solutions, VMWorld is also an opportunity for the team to stay up to date on the latest trainings and product information from VMWare. Goodman notes,

“As a Pre Sales Engineer, it’s important that I keep up with new and emerging technologies and stay ahead of the curve so that I can assist in guiding my customers in the best way that I can.” Gross seconded that notion, “From a training perspective, this is always one of the best places to get an education on VMware and any of its ecosystem partners. There are tons of opportunities for labs and access to experts.”

In addition to the education upside, the conference also offers an environment to foster relationships with both customers and partners. The Sanity team was able to connect with customers to review the latest product developments and how those might serve in customers’ environments. To round out the equation, Sanity also spent some face time with the VMWare teams they work with day to day to take some deep dives into the technologies and best fit uses of the VMWare product line.

Overall, VMWorld has proven once again to be an invaluable experience and opportunity for the Sanity team. For more information on how Sanity can apply their learnings and experience to your line of business, reach out at