Quickly transforming from distant novelty to everyday reality, Cloud technology is permeating all facets of business operations and bringing along its own complex and unique challenges. Sanity Solutions is expertly qualified to guide clients as they weigh access, agility, security and flexibility against capacity, costs, threats and compliance amongst cloud solutions. With public, private and hybrid options, our team knows “going to the cloud” is not about products, it’s about comprehensive design and strategy driven by a keen understanding of the client’s unique objectives. We understand the efficient and safe way to migrate and stay protected within this transformational technology.

A Modern Cloud Approach

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Private Cloud

  • Cost incurred at time of purchase
  • Cost effective when users are active
  • Scales within limits of equipment
  • Internal workloads dictate performance
  • Owner controls environment
  • Owner responsible for security


Public Cloud

  • Cost bases on consumption
  • Cost effective with intermittent use
  • Scales within limits of provider
  • Performance affected by other customers
  • Provider controls what is “acceptable use”
  • Customer responsible for security

Why choose Sanity for your cloud needs?

  • Certified engineering team
  • Industry leading partners
  • Dedicated teams
  • Proven expertise
  • Cloud security proficiency
  • Client-centric focus
  • Ingress / egress knowledge
  • Flexible financing
  • Assessment and migration offerings

Worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 18.4% in 2021 to total $304.9 billion.

56% of organizations cite understanding the cost implications of software licenses as a challenge for their cloud strategy.

According to 74% of global IT decision-makers, 95% of all workloads will be in the cloud within the next five years.

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