The server management function is as unique as the business itself; varying degrees of virtualization and automation enable the architecture to perform according to custom specifications and demands. Sanity’s in-depth understanding of IT’s path of transformation allows teams to construct data centers capable of meeting the needs of today and beyond including power supply, cooling and security to ensure an ideal environment for optimal data center performance.

Modern IT still requires proper management to fully capitalize on your investment and ensure efficient performance. APC shares some best practices to to keep your virtualized and cloud environments in peak condition. While the benefits of virtualization are well known, understood, and increasingly being taken advantage of, their effects on the data center physical infrastructure (DCPI) are less understood. The purpose of this paper is to describe these effects while offering possible solutions or methods for dealing with them.


81% of organizations are embarking on IT Transformation to reduce overall IT costs.

Organizations that have achieved IT Transformation are 7x more likely to view their IT as a competitive differentiator.

After IT Transformation 37% of the organizations saw increased revenue, sales or bookings.

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