Today’s technology has enabled businesses to run at all times in all corners of the world. Between centralized headquarters, remote branches and field based teams, system access is a critical necessity in the global environment. Sanity Solutions has the experience and expertise to prescribe a custom fit networking solution to ensure connectivity has the bandwidth, capacity, speed and security to unite teams, connect with customers and maintain the lines of communication.

Networks help connect the infrastructure dots. See how your network’s digital readiness stacks up to surveyed organizations with this IDC infographic.

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Because of the need for fewer servers, the potential savings from SDN in large data centers could be up to $30 million.

40% of IT pros say they will embrace SDN by the end of 2019.

IT pros think SDN will boost network utilization and efficiency by 43%, automate more provisioning and management by 35%, and improve security by 32%.

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