SanityRx, our professional IT services group, is a purpose-built team of certified technical experts dedicated to providing Sanity clients with a wide range of infrastructure services including assessment, deployment, migration and management. The professional IT services team has a long-standing history as a trusted partner in guiding clients through the assessment process and architecting custom solutions to safeguard their data and infrastructure.

Service Offerings:

  • Sanity Checks
  • Optimization
  • Remediation

Highlights & outcomes:

Documented, in-depth infrastructure assessments and health checks including technical recommendations for optimization and/or remediation options.

Service Offerings:

  • Installation
  • Upgrade
  • IT Asset Disposition
  • Secure Data Destruction

Highlights & outcomes:

Installation and configuration of hardware and/or software for new environments and upgrades. Offerings include detailed pre-install planning, hands-on installation by certified engineers, and knowledge transfer.

Service Offerings:

  • Applications
  • Data
  • Platforms

Highlights & outcomes:

Migration of existing environments to on-premise or cloud-based solutions. Offerings include comprehensive scoping, pre-execution testing, and technical follow-up.

Service Offerings:

  • vArchitect / vCISO / vCIO
  • Advanced Infrastructure Reporting
  • Lifecycle Management

Highlights & outcomes:

Monthly monitoring and reporting of existing environment to provide a proactive view. Scheduled onsite professional assistance for IT tasks and systems administration.

The SanityRx Method

Sanity Solutions has developed a proven and industry-leading process to understand and actualize custom IT service solutions for each valued client. This method, unique to Sanity Solutions, is designed to identify business objectives and guide clients to targeted outcomes including increased efficiencies, budget compliance and improved workflows. Working with our professional IT services team means putting best in class proficiency to work for Sanity clients packaged with legendary customer experience.

  1. 1. Discovery
    Conduct a deep-dive exploration of the client’s current environment and obstacles plus collaboration on planned goals and outcomes.
  2. Icon_Architecture
    2. Architecture
    A start-to-finish plan to solve identified issues is engineered and shared.
  3. 3. Coordination
    Led by the dedicated technical coordinator, implementation of the customized plan is scheduled including service days, asset ordering and delivery.
  4. Icon_Delivery
    4. Service Delivery
    Execution of client’s unique solution is completed including support training for client's IT staff.
  5. Icon_FollowUp
    5. Follow Up
    Measure completion and client satisfaction along with an evaluation of the client’s new environment and goal fulfillment.

Sanity Solutions Professional IT Service Credits

Providing a cost-effective and flexible way to purchase IT services, Sanity Solutions Professional Services Credits allow customers to buy credits as an add-on or as a stand-alone purchase. By helping to manage project costs and eliminating the need to allocate additional funds later on, clients can prepare to meet changing environment demands to serve the tailored needs of their core business.


  • Flexibility: Leverage budget cycles and apply credits as needed towards professional services
  • Value: Volume-based discounts are available for packaged consulting and training
  • Efficiency: Less administrative effort and a more streamlined order fulfillment process, especially when you are making bulk credit purchases

How Professional Services Credits Work

  • Credits may be redeemed for Sanity Solutions professional IT services and Sanity Solutions delivered training.
  • For packaged consulting and custom consulting, one (1) credit may be redeemed for $100 USD of Sanity Solutions list price services.
  • For custom consulting engagements, credits are applied according to the list price based on volume of purchase.

  • For custom consulting engagements, a Statement of Work (SOW) is not required at the time of purchase; however, a signed SOW is required prior to the engagement.
  • The Technical Coordinator is delivered as an at-cost service and credits are applied according to list price by volume.
  • Credits may be used towards Travel and Expense (T&E) and are applied at list price by volume.

Credits can be used for

  • Sanity Checks
  • Optimization
  • Remediation
  • Installation
  • Upgrades
  • Application Services
  • Onsite Service
  • Remote Data
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Custom Services as Prescribed

Sanity has been a rockstar on several large scale IT implementations and always delivering success and outstanding $ value.  I highly recommend that you give Sanity Solutions the opportunity to be of help to you if you are in such need.

- Kragh Curtis, President, Kragh Information Technology

“We engaged Sanity Solutions professional services team to assist us with standing up our new Nutanix based Acropolis and ESXi clusters. I had no previous experience with Nutanix systems, and thankfully Justin was available to assist me with the initial configuration of the systems and clusters. Justin’s deep knowledge and experience with the platform made it simple and painless to get the clusters stood up, functional, and ready for load, performance, and compliance testing. I would recommend Sanity Solutions professional services to others.”

- Ryan Skorstad, Sr. Virtualization and DevOps Engineer, Logrhythm

Sanity Solutions has allowed myself and a limited/small IT staff to quickly implement large scale IT projects that required expertise and knowledge we did not have. Several projects were initiated thru Sanity starting with questions like how, then what, and of course that quickly turned into costs/budgeting – Sanity never let us down and was there to help us succeed.

- Kragh Curtis, President, Kragh Information Technology

Sanity was there from start to finish including hands on design, budget considerations/options, implementation, training and ongoing support as needed. Sanity has the experience, resources, industry relationships, to implement solutions and get the job done.

- Kragh Curtis, President, Kragh Information Technology

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