Take a deep dive into the health and functionality of your information technology infrastructure ⁠— complete with evaluation summaries, detailed diagnostics and end user reports.

The IT audit service is a crucial tool for administrators in understanding the state of their IT infrastructure. The detailed report will also surface data security risks and a detailed outline of steps to proactively protect against compromise, theft, failure or loss. Our team can conduct network, datacenter, cloud readiness, backup, virtualization, storage and firewall assessments.

With hundreds of certifications, the SanityRx team is a trusted partner in guiding our clients through the IT audit process and architecting custom solutions to safeguard their data and infrastructure. This purpose-built team makes years of experience and industry expertise accessible on-demand for clients and customers.



An initial consultation is scheduled to better understand the client’s current environment status.



The check is executed with little to no interruption to client business continuity to uncover the healthy and at-risk system components.



A recommended course of action from the certified expert team based on the client’s unique business, environment and forecast.

  • Each client’s needs are different but targeted timelines are delivered by the team for each Sanity Check prior to execution.

  • In most cases, there is no noticeable impact to your environment when a Sanity Check is being performed. In cases where portions of critical systems must be offline or unavailable; many of these assessments can be scheduled in alignment with client schedules as requested.

  • Our wide variety of Sanity Checks can detect vulnerabilities to avoid data loss, improve data recovery, increase system protection, improve work environments, address compliance obligations and optimize efficiencies across your infrastructure.

  • Our team of certified engineers and architects are individually assigned to handle our clients’ assessment needs from start to finish. We carefully choose the best fit team for each client to ensure we deliver a legendary customer experience.

  • Sanity Solutions delivers custom tailored solutions unique to each client. Total costs of Sanity Checks will vary from client to client based on several factors. The Sanity Professional Services team can deliver estimates upon request.

Assessments from SanityRx


Audit all connected network devices regardless of vendor. Review network architecture and protocols in use and provide reports that identify bottlenecks, configuration, standardization, troubleshooting and resolution.


Receive personalized recommendations to improve environment, achieve greater agility and efficiency. Quick and simple overview of systems, memory usage, virtualization performance and usable capacity.

Cloud Readiness

Determines what mixture of options best works for application owners and customers.


Gain visibility into current backup and recovery environment. Reviewing current goals and discuss leading technologies to benefit current environment. Delivers insight needed to optimize existing environment and plan for future needs.


Provides documentation, analysis and evaluation of the physical and logical resources of the virtualized infrastructure, network topology and relevant configurations. Help to fully leverage the benefits of current infrastructure to help plan for future investment.


Help reduce risk and manage costs while meeting user needs. Review storage management concerns, challengers and vision to help document storage infrastructure and data requirements.


Identifies threats and provides valuable insight into the vulnerabilities of an infrastructure including detailed threat reports by risk level and category. Outlines the necessary precautions to secure data and protect business today and down the road.

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