As a team, we focus on providing a legendary customer experience in every aspect of our client interactions. We also know that few things speak higher of a customer’s experience than a referral. We think imitation is nice but recommending Sanity to your colleagues and coworkers is the highest form of flattery in our opinion. If you know of someone who could benefit from Sanity’s expertise and services, let us know at or speak with your Sanity Solutions team and you could be eligible for the Sanity Referral Program.

Sanity Solutions Referral Program Details

As a thank you for referring qualified busines to Sanity, you will receive a $100 gift card and your company will receive $1000 in SanityRX credits.

Qualified business must be a minimum purchase of $10,000.

You can make interdepartmental referrals if existing groups within your company have not done prior business with Sanity; speak to your Sanity Solutions team to discuss interdepartmental referrals.

Terms and Conditions for SanityRX Credits issued through the Referral Program:

•            Credits are valid for 6 months after they are issued.

•            Credits may be used for the following core services provided directly by SanityRx:

Implementation Services for the following products:  Installation for the following products:  Dell Servers.  Dell SC Storage.  Dell MD Storage. Tintri Storage.  Dell Powerstore storage. VXRail Hyperconverged Platforms.  Nutanix Hyperconverged Platforms.  Dell Networking Layer 2 or Layer 3 switching products.  Ruckus switching products.  Ruckus wireless networking products.  Veeam data protection.  Arista Layer 2 or Layer 3 switching products. 

The following assessment services: Health Checks for all products listed above.  Full wireless assessments.  Azure cost assessments, limited to 100 virtual machines.

Terms and conditions subject to change at Sanity Solution’s discretion and without notice.