As the transformation of IT marches on, hyperconverged infrastructures are becoming primary players in today’s environments to enhance mobility, scalability and efficiency in lock-step with security and TCO requirements. Sanity’s certified team of architects have a lengthy track record of advising clients through the decision process to effective implementation of the best fit hyperconverged solution by partnering with the best in the HCI business. With the added simplicity of a hyperconverged environment, IT managers can reallocate resources across the infrastructure with a renewed focus on priorities to move the business forward.

Interested in how the latest HCI offerings from Dell Technologies and VMware are changing the way business perform? Curious if a VXRail or VXRack solution might be a good fit for your organization? Check out this IDC whitepaper reviewing the productivity and efficiency benefits of these leading software defined technologies.

Are you evaluating HCI within your business, and want to better understand the impact of infrastructure performance on your applications? This whitepaper from Enterprise Strategy Group reviews the top factors driving organizations to deploy hyperconverged infrastructure, with a focus on speed, scale, and stability evaluation criteria.

IDC forecasts the global datasphere will reach 175 zettabytes by 2025.


HCI will be the fastest growing segment for integrated systems reaching almost 24% of the market by 2019 according to Gartner.

In 2021, the HCI market will be over $7 Billion dollars.

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