Posted on June 3, 2021.

Gary comes to Sanity solutions with over 26 years of technology sales experience. Although Gary is known for specializing in Silicon Valley start-ups, he has extensive knowledge and experience working with, and for, the partner community.  After working with Sanity Solutions on the vendor side of the house, Gary could not help but notice the positivity and team culture that defines Sanity. When the opportunity presented itself, Gary had no problem quickly making the move to become part of the Sanity team.

Gary entered the field of technology sales in 1994 after 19 years in the construction industry. A graduate from Chico University in Northern California, Gary specialized in being a multisport athlete and also earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance with a concentration in Portfolio Management and Arbitrage. Outside of work, Gary enjoys just about any kind of outdoor activity including skiing, cycling, golf, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and recovering from these pursuits. Gary is a devoted husband and proud father of two  wonderful girls that of course, he has no issue in telling you all about!!!