Posted on June 4, 2019.

After deciding day trading commodities wasn’t actually her life’s dream, Sheila made the move to join Sanity in 2013 after being immediately drawn by the culture. Sheila leads team operations with several years of business development and management experience; however, despite her 6 years at the Denver Broncos, she still occasionally asks for clarification on the definition of “offsides.”

Sanity is actually not her first foray into the world of IT; Sheila spent some time in sales with a small IT services back in 2000 when “fax blasting” was the tactical sales order of the day. Needless to say things have changed a lot and for the better.

When she’s not improving processes and running analysis, she’s developing her debut podcast(s) and her brunch blog – both expected to release sometime…eventually…in the future.