Posted on December 14, 2017.

Joey Tennyson joined Sanity Solutions as an Account Executive in Denver in 2015. Before joining our mile high team, he was an Account Executive in the Minnesota office of our partner, Dell EMC. Shockingly, Sanity was not what brought Joey to Colorado. After his transition, he found Sanity through the power of the internet and word of mouth. He immediately meshed with our company culture and work life balance.

Like a staggering number of the Sanity Team, Joey graduated from the University of Wisconsin (other noted alumni include, founder Jason Cherveny, Senior Account Executive Eric Webster, and Senior Account Executive Rustin Greenstreet), with a degree in Economics. His education, and time on a D1 soccer team, have lent to his ability to work with his clients, our partners, and Solution Architects to develop the best configuration and environment to serve their needs and facilitate their success.

Joey played soccer in Germany and even considered moving there permanently, but decided that the technology industry was a better long-term career.