Contributed by: Ryan Hayes, Solutions Architect, Sanity Solutions on December 12, 2017.

The Acropolis 5.5 release unveils too many features to enumerate, but a few that get me excited include Reduced RPOs, Prism Central Updates, and Network Micro-Segmentation.

Reduced RPO and why this matters
The smaller the Recovery Point Object (RPO), the less data is lost. We used to be talking 60 minutes as the lowest native recovery point, and that’s probably enough for all but the most critical applications. The 5.5 release drops that to single minute RPO, meaning almost nothing is lost when you have to fall back to a snapshot. Be the hero and offer that to your business.

Prism Central is the manager-of-managers for Nutanix
It acts as the single-pain-of-glass view into your infrastructure. If you aren’t using it today, think of it like vCenter for Vmware, except now you can enjoy a native HA design that’s essentially scale-out in nature (available in 5.5.1). With one-click simplicity in deployment, you’re improving availability to your customers that utilize self-service functionality through Restful-API. Also built-in, vm-right-sizing, scheduled reporting (useful for those business folks), and more.

Network micro-segmentation
You already have converged – you did that; or maybe you’re considering it. Either way, there’s probably a security concern somewhere: “How do I lock down or manage traffic between vms? That traffic is never going to hit my firewall.” You don’t want your security posture to look like a Cadbury egg – hard shell, gooey middle. Now there’s simple, easy-to-use functionality that locks down traffic between Application Server and Database. Native. Built-in. Free. Check.

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