Posted on May 4, 2020.

It’s no secret that enterprise data is ever-increasing with no signs of slowing down. As a result, companies that produce and store massive amounts of data — like transactions, consumer insights, and high quantity data points — need the highest quality security solutions and increased protection. Here, we share why and how to choose the best data security solution for your enterprise data. 

Why Your Enterprise Data Needs Enhanced Security 

Many already know that the cost of not having a security solution can be detrimental. By 2021, data breaches will cost businesses an estimated $6 trillion in damages. For just one company, a breach can cost over $5 million, or about $301 per employee. What’s more, you could end up coughing up tens of thousands of dollars in non-compliance fees.

The consequences of a breach can be costly — both to your budget and reputation. But it’s also important to understand that security breaches don’t happen through a single entry point anymore; hackers have numerous techniques to gain access to sensitive information. Large companies are especially vulnerable to hacks and breaches, as it has a vast number of various entry points compared to small or mid-sized companies. For example, larger companies likely have:

  • Multiple office locations
  • More complex infrastructures
  • A higher number of remote employees
  • More mobile entry points like computers, cell phones, and tablets
  • More online sites like warehouses, fleets, logistics channels, and transportation

When we apply these to the real world, they might look like UPS drivers who have scanners that connect to tracking systems. Or a natural gas site with an automated pump that sends data to an oil company. Or the 2014 Target data breach in which hackers accessed information through a third-party HVAC vendor. 

Despite these vulnerabilities, data collection and storage aren’t slowing down for your business. Neither are the hackers trying to access it. That’s why you need a security solution and partner that understands the size and complexity of your business and enterprise data.

Data Security Solution Features

The right solution to protect your data isn’t just a pick-and-choose scenario; it takes an in-depth, holistic plan that’s focused as much on prevention as it is recovery. Here are the elements your solution should include:


Prevention begins with monitoring and reporting on your existing data environment to uncover weaknesses before a breach occurs. You should also perform a threat assessment to identify and discover areas of weakness and uncover at-risk system components.


This process should include the creation of security recommendations based on the findings from your threat assessment. These can consist of enhanced recommendations to the security measures you already have in place or creating entirely new ones to address vulnerable gaps. 


Data security isn’t a set it and forget it plan; you or your security partner should consistently and continually monitor the data and report on tactics that are working, which ones aren’t, and attempted breaches or threats. The data that’s gathered should also help develop a continuity plan for worst-case scenario solutions.


Whether you suffer a minor breach or end up in a worst-case scenario, you should have rapid response and recovery plans in place for each. Of course, no business ever wants to suffer a breach or a hack of its data or systems, but you’ll be much more prepared and have a much more rapid recovery if you have a plan of action now.

Why should I choose Sanity Solutions as my data security vendor?

At Sanity Solutions, we don’t believe in acting as a vendor; we believe in acting as a partner. That’s because our services go beyond data security. Our experts work with enterprises to determine the right — and best — security solution for your data. Above all, we help inform and empower our partners to make the right decisions to help drive their success, not just ours.

After all, finding the right solution doesn’t just mean the right products. It means finding a data security partner you can trust, and who understands the complexity of your data security needs. You deserve more than a one-size-fits-all approach for your enterprise’s data, and we’re here to help. Contact us to get started today