Posted on February 9, 2022.

With cybercriminals growing increasingly brazen, they continually search for new avenues to breach your IT network. To keep your business protected, data breach prevention is critical – starting with awareness of your most vulnerable access points. 

With an exponential increase in remote work with COVID-19, obvious access threats like credential management take on a new level of importance. In this challenging environment, lesser-known vulnerabilities like contractor access also require careful attention. 

While a well-designed data protection plan will go a long way in keeping your data secure, it’s always a good idea to consider addressing any vulnerable access points in your attack surface.

Data Breach Protection: Where to Start Looking 

  • Third-parties, vendors, and contractors 
  • Home offices 
  • Storage solutions 

Third-Party & Contractor Access 

A commonly overlooked data entry point is third-party contractor access. Yet, it is not unusual for small and large operations alike to hire outside contractors for routine network maintenance. 

The more people with access to your sensitive data, the more risks you take with vulnerable access points. For example, a contractor might lose track of their computer or improperly dispose of it after working on your system. Or, a contractor’s computer might be jeopardized by a malware attack. 

Relaxed access control policies allow visitors to “slip through the cracks” without having their computers properly checked. This problem is especially problematic for large organizations with massive computer networks. 

All things considered, the best way to regulate entry to your network is with a modern access control system. Sanity Solutions offers Identity and & Privileged Access Management to help track and monitor the activities of third parties and contractors. 

Credential Management  

While remote work jobs have become commonplace with COVID-19, cybersecurity practices for home offices have not yet caught up with the curve. Because home computers and mobile devices don’t have the same level of security as physical offices, they present issues with protecting valuable credentials. 

The serious consequences of mismanaged credentials cannot be overstated. According to Techradar Pro, “nearly 80% of security breaches involve the abuse and misuse of privileged credentials,one of the biggest threats to corporate security is employee passwords.” 

With so many people logging into sensitive enterprise networks from home, cybercriminals have ramped up their efforts to steal sensitive credentials. As a result, email malware attacks and phishing scams are daily occurrences in the contemporary business world. 

To help our clients effectively manage their login credentials, Sanity Solutions provides system audits known as “Sanity Checks.” By taking a careful look at your data protection plan, we advise on necessary changes and tweaks to ensure sound credential management. 

Improper Storage of Sensitive Information 

Improper data storage is a commonly overlooked security vulnerability for many companies. 

With so many employees working remotely, it is extremely easy for them to improperly store or communicate sensitive data. Coupled with increased cybercriminal activity, the negligent treatment of data by remote employees could spell disaster. 

Common types of improper data storage practices include: 

  • Employees store sensitive info on personal devices such as laptops, tablets, cell phones
  • People email sensitive data (such as SSN#s) without proper encryption practices
  • Employees store sensitive information in the cloud – such as Google Drive or Dropbox

To counteract problems with improper data storage, you should thoroughly train your team members on best practices. Also, Sanity Solutions offers Enterprise Data Storage Solutions as a way to securely store sensitive data on the cloud. 

Data Breach Protection with Sanity Solutions 

At Sanity Solutions, we know the process of building and implementing an effective security program can be overwhelming. To make this procedure as efficient as possible, we recommend you start by conducting a security gap assessment.

Whether it be contractor access or credential management, being proactive on potential data leaks will save you serious time and money in the long run. If you need extra help, Sanity Checks by Sanity Solutions are a great way to ensure your operation is 100% covered at all times.

Learning how to prevent a data breach before it happens is a critical part of any effective cyber security plan. Please Contact Us to discuss keeping your business secure.