Posted on March 17, 2017.

Last week, Las Vegas hosted the first ever showcase of the newly merged Dell EMC. Dubbed “Dell EMC World,” the event didn’t disappoint and Sanity Solutions was in attendance to take it all in.

An 8-year veteran of prior Dell conferences, Sanity CEO Jason Cherveny makes the annual event a staple in his calendar. Cherveny says the event allows an opportunity to “learn about the new products and solutions from DellEMC and to reconnect with relationships from the past and meet new folks from the industry who can help us and our customers going forward. It is also a great place to get your questions answered from the best people who can answer them.”

The conference is four days with three unique tracks, several sessions, certifications and over 500 topics for tech pros from all over to dive into what’s coming up in the industry and how Dell EMC plans to navigate through and alongside the latest trends. While keynotes from the likes of Michael Dell always draw big crowds; Mike Gluck, CTO for Sanity, was particularly excited to hear from game changers like Andy Bechtolsheim, Tim Berners-Lee and Tim Sweeney.

“Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies are going to have dramatic impacts on the ways in which we work, live our lives, and consume entertainment,” comments Gluck, “This is a very exciting time, and one in which each of one of us can help clients shape the future.”

To say Dell EMC World is an educational event may be an understatement. Along with certification opportunities, Dell EMC leadership shares their take on where the industry is going and the latest advances within their own portfolio. Staying on top of the next wave is a crucial component to the value Sanity provides to its client base and attending conferences provides these opportunities in mass. Rustin Greenstreet, Sr. Account Executive at Sanity shares that “‘Software defined’ is where everything is going from networking to servers and the expansion of HCI. The speed of the advancements in technology is moving so fast that there will be more information than can ever be processed. This will be causing users to change the ways they manage their data and allow Sanity to help lead the way for customers to evolve.” The Sanity consensus is that IT managers can expect to see 14G servers, NVMe, HCI, AR, all-flash storage and further cloud developments crossing their paths sooner rather than later.

With all this transformation on the horizon, the Sanity team has some homework to do.

“It will be incumbent on us to synthesize this information in bite-sized chunks on various topics, and to educate ourselves so that we can be IT Digital Transformation agents,” comments Gluck.

As Jason Cherveny called it, the Sanity team will have to return home to “Train the Trainers” and share these insights to better serve clients and their business goals.

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