Contributed by: Mike Gluck on December 4, 2019.

We’ve probably all experienced the frustrating comment from a customer support person: “I am very sorry, but we can’t help you with 123, and you will have to contact XYZ”

At Sanity Solutions, we pride ourselves in trying to help our clients meet their challenges with speed and agility, and our focus is on providing a “legendary customer experience” – it’s in our DNA and our mission statement. Even when it is not within our purview, our first response is “I am sorry you are having a problem.  How can we help?”

Luckily there is a tool and an organization that we often recommend and utilize ourselves that can help provide quicker resolutions when a problem involves multiple technology vendors.  That organization is TSANet (  In the ever-increasing environments that involve multi-vendor collaboration and/or multi-vendor technical support, clients are often faced with the complex challenge of managing the multiple vendors on their own.   We have found that engaging via the FREE SERVICES of TSANet we can help clients to solve problems quicker with less of a burden on the client. 

What is TSANet?

TSANet is a vendor-neutral, not-for-profit organization founded in 1993.  It is the world’s largest multi-vendor technical support community.  The cost of TSA is 100% covered by the vendor membership fees, and therefore, there is no cost to the end-users.  The vast majority of the vendors are members of because they have found the membership to be an ideal solution for empowering greater collaboration between technology companies (including their competitors) to improve the end-user customer experience.

How does TSANet work?

TSANet provides a proven legal and operational framework to enable multi-vendor collaborative support.  There is a TSANet code of conduct and bylaws for members that commits them to providing cooperative support with other technology companies.

ANY company can take advantage of this at no cost even though they themselves are not members of TSANet.  Here is the process:

  1. When an issue arises, the customer can simple access the site to see if there vendors are members ( ).  As of this writing there are over 600 vendors.
  2. Ask one of the vendor members to open a customer support case on behalf of the end-user client. Obtain that case number and then provide that to the other vendor(s) and ask them to utilize TSANet.
  3. There is a web-based case tool that the vendors use to exchange information via a secure messaging system that provides end-to-end encryption.  Normally, those vendors will immediately engage a Level 2 or Level 3 technician that circumvents the normally burdensome process for the customer to explain all over again what is the issue, as well as avoiding the need to upload diagnostic logs that have already been provided to the first vendor.

How does Sanity help?

Sanity Solutions actively encourages each of our vendors to join TSANet.   After all, when our vendors are members, it enhances our collective abilities to respond timely and efficiently to multi-vendor issues.

Even when we engage with new prospective clients, if we hear about a problem that they are currently having, we like to let them know about TSANet.  Often engaging TSANet is exactly what is needed to break any logjams and/or to expedite resolution of the issue which speaks to our value as a trusted advisor.

Simply put, TSANet improves both customer satisfaction and the customer experience.  Engaging with TSANet is a smart solution for multi-vendor collaboration and is a part of Sanity Solutions living its mission statement of providing a legendary customer experience.

To learn more about how TSNet can help with your multi-vendor support issues, contact us at