Contributed by: Jason Cherveny, CEO, Sanity Solutions on February 8, 2018.

It goes without saying that products are necessary to run your Information Technology Department effectively. We spend a lot of time consulting with our customers to determine what products would best solve their immediate and long-term business objectives. This is just one of the reasons why, when we work to solve a customer’s problem, we continue to work with them on future projects and solutions. After all, once we understand where a business is heading, we can continue to advise how to get there and with which technology.

This is only the tip of the iceberg as to what Sanity Solutions has to offer to our customers. While products are good, it is SOLUTIONS that are critical in today’s IT world to transform one’s business for the future. To do this, let’s look beyond the product or products and look at everything else that goes into our solutions to make your job a little easier and your life a little better.

One of the most requested topics is financial. While cash is often used, many of our customers are looking to make their dollar go further and for this they are asking for options. These options include but are not limited to leasing, renting, and sometimes even borrowing! Typically, customers are consuming cloud solutions or managed services with a monthly payment. Here at Sanity we can also offer a solution that our customers pay monthly, but they can have the solution on site which could be more secure and/or less expensive and/or better manageability. We believe that a hybrid cloud strategy is the RIGHT strategy so why wouldn’t we offer financial services that are hybrid in nature as well? Of course, we would.

Other services that our customers often use Sanity Solutions for are based off professional or managed services. I often see full boxes in data centers and when I ask our customers why they are not installed, they often tell me that they just haven’t gotten around to installing it. I can relate this to buying a new shirt. If I buy a new shirt but never take the tags off and wear it, should I have purchased the shirt? The answer is obviously, “No.” Even if I got a great deal on it and it looks great, if I never take it out of my closet, it is worthless to me. Our professional services will get your innovative solutions up and running faster so you and your team can “look great” to your business. Additionally, we can offer customers Sanity-as-a-Service. This service offers products, payments options, ongoing assessments, managed services, and others that help you save time so you can focus on transforming your business for the digital future.

Operationally, we can help our customers in a plethora of ways. For starters, we have many customers with an international reach. For these customers we help with recovering import/export taxes, international logistics, and the many other hurdles to do business globally. Secondly, we recently had a customer that needed us to provide Just-in-Time Inventory. They didn’t have the money or space to order the number of devices they needed so we worked with them to stage and image the devices, then get the products delivered at the exact time they needed to help grow their business. The list of services that we offer is endless. We just need to understand the requirements and guidelines that you, our customer, are faced with so we can work with you to find the best solution.

Other services include project management, vendor consolidation, maintenance review and consolidation, Federal and State Contracts, online ordering, staff augmentation, and vendor management/relationships.

For additional information on any of these services reach out to the Sanity Team or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!