Contributed by: Mike Gluck on December 4, 2018.

Feeling some data protection pain points?  

For many companies, backup and data protection are often seen as necessary evils that don’t contribute to either increased revenue or cost reduction. Subsequently, they often take a back seat to other higher priority IT initiatives both from a budget and staffing consideration.

Below are 7 typical pain points haunting IT professionals who are saddled with the responsibility to protect their company’s mission-critical business processes and valuable databases:

  1. Managing explosive data growth, whose volume, variety and velocity are accelerating.
  2. Coping with democratization of data ownership; moving from traditional IT organization to the lines of business and department managers.
  3. Managing data across private, public and hybrid clouds.
  4. Data governance, privacy, and compliance standards; for example, GDPR regulations that affect any company doing business with other companies that have to meet the European standards.
  5. Increased complexity, cost and time required to meet the user demands especially as AI and machine learning algorithms are turning data that was previously “write-once, read-never” into valuable nuggets of business insight needed to gain strategic advantages in the market.
  6. Challenges incumbent with managing proprietary and/or siloed multi-vendor data protection environments.
  7. Dealing with simple solutions that sacrifice performance, efficiency and reliability in the name of simplicity.

If any (or all) of those pain points sound familiar, then you might want to take a serious look at the brand-new Integrated Data Protection Appliance from Dell EMC, the DP4400. Sanity Solutions recently installed one in our lab affectionately call the “Sanitarium” at our Denver, CO headquarters. This system is now available as a dedicated demo system for our clients and potential customers.

We are very impressed with the enterprise-level proven technologies that have made Dell EMC the market leader in data protection for enterprise organization and which have now been built into a data protection appliance from the ground up for mid-size organizations who will value its ease-of-use.

It is simple to manage, deploy and upgrade, and grows in place from 24TB to 96TB. This is facilitated by the fact that all the hardware is in place, and the customer is only paying for the initial capacity that is needed. With simple application of license keys, customers can expand with no downtime or complexity.

“But Wait! There’s More!”

The DP4400 excels in its coverage, performance and cloud readiness by:

  • supporting the largest application ecosystem.
  • shortening backup windows by up to 2X.
  • requiring 98% less bandwidth.
  • supporting 7X more backup streams.
  • delivering up to 20% more capacity in a 2U appliance.
  • delivering an average deduplication rate of 55:1
  • providing protection for approximately 5PB of logical data with the 96TB appliance
  • offering the industry’s lowest cost-to-protect; costing up to 80% less and protecting 4X more data.
  • being cloud ready and providing native cloud tiering to public, private or hybrid clouds.
  • including a Future-proof Loyalty Program that features a 3-year satisfaction guarantee.

Book your visit to the Sanitarium for some relief.

If you’re thinking, “Okay, sounds great; but what is the value of coming to Sanity for a demo and why not just view it online?” The answer is because Sanity is offering significantly more than just a demo. Included with your demo, Sanity will also incorporate a free Live Optics assessment service prior to your visit. Live Optics is a platform-agnostic data center analysis service that will help you understand your environment, optimize IT investments and evaluate growth opportunities. Even if the DP4400 is not the right fit or it’s not the right time, the Live Optics analysis will be well worth your time investment.

Live Optics works non-disruptively in Windows, Linux and VMware environments, runs remotely and is agentless gathering core metrics such as Backup Policies by Type and Capacity, Number of Clients, Average Daily Change Rate, Number of Files and Growth Rate. The reports provide graphs and charts for Longest Running Backups, Number and Percent of Backup Jobs by Duration, Top 5 Policies by Capacity/Retention, etc. Live Optics is not limited to backup, but also can also be used to gather disk I/O, throughput, free and used capacity, and memory utilization. This in-depth analysis of server workloads and capacity requirements can be helpful to optimize datacenter operations and expansion.

We know that each of our clients can benefit from a little “Sanity” so we invite you to come join us for lunch or coffee, get hands-on experience with our live demo, and benefit from a confidential and personalized discussion of your backup environment and requirements.

To get started scheduling your DP4400 demo today, reach out to your Sanity Account Executive or contact us at