Contributed by: Chris Gross on January 21, 2019.

As basic tenets of what we do here at Sanity Solutions, education and expertise are a part of our ongoing focus and a never-ending pursuit. Recently, our team added the VMware Cloud on AWS competency to the already long list of proficiencies.

What is it?
The VMware Cloud on AWS competency qualifies solution providers to consult on and build hybrid cloud solutions using VMware’s suite of cloud technologies. It requires certification on vSphere and SDDC technologies and expertise on NSX, VSAN, HCI and SDDC in both a sales and implementation framework. In total, Sanity certified 5 team members over the course of close to 100 man hours.

Why did we do it?
Training and certifications take time and effort to complete which means there are costs associated. So why did we focus on this one? Simple, this let’s us take the market leader in enterprise on-prem cloud and the leader in public cloud and combine the two. With this solution and expertise, we can bridge gaps for clients who are weighing the balance of an both on-prem and public cloud. Sanity customers can use VMware Cloud on AWS as an option to streamline the process of transitioning between on-prem and public clouds with less change and disruption.

What’s in it for our clients?
This technology breaks barriers for businesses; costs are reduced, modern applications are better accommodated, workforce reach is increased, less data center space is required, burst management becomes easier and geographical spread improves. Because our team is trained and certified, clients can rest assured and be confident that our team is always chasing the cutting edge on their behalf.

Now what?
We know for many of our clients that a hybrid cloud is a major key to a larger digital transformation strategy. Our mission (yes, we chose to accept it) is to bring this expertise in architecting and implementing modern infrastructures to our customers. With HCI, SDDC and hybrid cloud solutions, workloads become portable, otherwise unattainable efficiencies become possible and “how business gets done” is changed for the better.

If you’re interested in starting your organization’s digital transformation, let our team of experts lead the way. Contact us at in**@sa*************.com.