Posted on February 15, 2019.

Security Issue Leaves Some Android Users’ Private Tweets Exposed for Multiple Years

Twitter has recently shared an issue surrounding protected tweets for Android users within the social media platform. On January 17th, the issue was made public in a statement released by Twitter.

The Hacker News reports that while desktop and iOS users were unaffected, Android users who made changes to their Twitter account settings, such as changing their email address or phone number associated with their account, using the Android app between November 3, 2014, and January 14, 2019.

Flaws in Fortnite Video Game Leaves Accounts Vulnerable to Takeover

Popular online game Fortnite had a series of vulnerabilities discovered by Check Point researchers earlier this month. The Check Point team uncovered a complex system of cross-site scripting and a redirect problem located on the Epic Games’ subdomain, which provided hackers with the ability to steal authentication data by creating a specially designed web link.

The authentication data breach would provide hackers the ability to access gamers’ personal information such as contacts, in-game conversations and virtual currencies.

Some Estimates Suggest Cybercrime Expenses Reach 5 Trillion During Next 5 Years

Over the next 5 years, an Accenture report states that companies worldwide may contract costs totalling 5 trillion dollars due to cyberattacks. The report, which is largely focused on trust within the digital economy, suggests “high-tech industries face the highest risk, with over $753 billion hanging in the balance.”

The report states that many of the issues impacting the security of the Internet are due to its rapid growth in both users and applications. Furthermore, the number of IoT-connected devices will likely reach 25 billion by 2021.

Government Shutdown Impacting Cyber Crime Investigations

The Washington Post reports the recent government shutdown impacted the FBI’s ability to investigate and prosecute cyber criminals effectively. During the time of the report, the shutdown government was preventing agents from utilizing resources required for digital investigations. These resources include, but are not limited to, wiretaps and subpoenas.

Anthony Ferrante, former chief of staff for the FBI’s cyber division told reporters that after the October 2014 shutdown, it took months before the FBI was able to process cybersecurity cases at normal speed..

Some Academics Suggest Government Shame Companies with Poor Cybersecurity

King’s College London’s Cyber Security Research Group has recently completed a report suggesting the UK government should publicly shame companies who fail to protect consumer data online.

Shared by Forbes, the report suggests that “publishing details of companies that are not taking steps to keep users safe online, would incentivise businesses to improve their defences and help combat cyber crime such as online fraud and identity theft.”