Posted on March 11, 2022.

Typically, financing IT needs is only considered for special projects, certain periods in the budget cycle or large investments. While those are perfectly valid instances to consider using payment plans for your IT needs, organizational stakeholders shouldn’t limit themselves to just those.

Upsides of using a payment plan for your IT projects

Hold your cash

Many lenders offer borrowers 100% equipment financing which means your capital isn’t tied up for other areas of the business that could use that capital today or in unforeseen emergencies.

You don’t “own” the equipment

This might sound contradictory, but it’s always less risky to borrow something new, try it out for feasibility and judge its fit with real-world performance versus a fully committed purchase from a provider. This gives you the flexibility to make a change for the better or continue paying for a solution that works.

Upgrade your IT easier

If you are in a fast-growth phase of your business or you think your needs may be changing before the end of the life of a solution, this can help keep your infrastructure as up-to-date as possible by making swaps and upgrades more budget-friendly as you begin project development while making sure you’re competitive in your industry.

Budget Forecasting

Having planned future payments can help your finance team run some financial modeling to see the expense road ahead more clearly and more consistently for this allocation. Especially if you have seasonal ebbs and flows, consistency can alleviate the budget guessing game and allow you to align your needs with your budget cycle.

Make it a package deal

For some solutions, you can package additional services and support instead of having to pay for one-offs or add-ons so the integration and deployment of a new solution can be smoother and more efficient for internal teams.

So when should you NOT finance your IT projects?

There are certain solutions that may not be suitable for payment structures like some subscriptions, demand-based services or staff augmentation. Additionally, you may have some smaller purchases that you need immediately to keep your teams in motion. With a clear budget outlook for the rest of your fiscal year and accessible capital, these solutions become a reality, not a wish list.

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