Posted on September 21, 2020.

In typical office work environments, businesses without a comprehensive security plan are at risk of security breaches. With 42% of the population now working remotely from private networks (and more than half on personal computers) during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are even more opportunities for cybercriminals to hack your systems and data successfully. So, how do you combat that?

By undergoing a security assessment, you can ensure your company’s network and infrastructure can withstand the enhanced vulnerabilities of remote employees.

Sanity Solutions knows and understands the importance of a secure work environment wherever your business is, which is why we’re breaking down our top reasons why every company — including yours — should undergo a security assessment.

Remote work environments are more vulnerable

When employees are in the office, IT has direct control over the security of their networks. That, of course, changes with remote work environments as workers use their own devices and unfamiliar networks. When it comes to remote employees specifically, there are three main areas of concern you should take into consideration:

  1. Home wifi: Those who work from home will likely have weaker wireless network security, making it more vulnerable to hackers.
  2. Weakened passwords: Hackers have an easier time hacking into company information if employees have easy-to-crack passwords on their wifi networks and personal computers they’re now using for work.
  3. Phishing scams: Phishing scams are one of the top areas of concern in-house or remotely, but without IT or fellow coworkers nearby to confirm an email’s legitimacy, employees may be more likely to click on them.

You can put your security to the test

A security assessment typically includes penetration testing — also known as a pen test. That’s when your IT team or partner simulates cyber-attacks (safely, of course) against your own network and infrastructure. They can then attempt to breach any aspect of your security — like servers, applications, data centers, and more. How does this help?

By simulating a real-time cyberattack, security experts can expose vulnerabilities within your current infrastructure and identify any potential attack vectors (entry points). The results and findings of that test are then used to repair and strengthen any weaknesses before real cybercriminals can get to them first. This type of analysis also ensures that you’re not getting some templated security plan; it’s actually tailored to your business and its particular infrastructure and weaknesses.

It’s best practice

Cybercriminals will always find new and innovative ways to hack into businesses, and your security program should adapt along the way. Performing regular security assessments ensures vulnerabilities are exposed, which creates clarity around the security controls and countermeasures required to remediate these vulnerabilities.

In other words, instead of waiting for a breach to happen and doing damage control afterward, your company can get ahead of the problem by being proactive and gaining visibility into your secure posture.

Start your security assessment with Sanity Solutions

With the future of our country’s workforce still up in the air, businesses will have to continue to rely on employees working remotely — and prepare for the enhanced risks that come along with it. At Sanity Solutions, we provide our partners with an extensive, revolving security assessment that includes identification, analysis, and remediation. Are you confident your networks and infrastructure could pass the ultimate security test? Contact us about a security assessment today.