Posted on September 1, 2021.

Ransomware is a growing threat that can impact organizations and businesses of all sizes—with no industries spared. In 2020, there were more than 304 million ransomware attacks globally, indicating a 62% increase in attacks from 2019. Some estimates put the global cost associated with ransomware attacks at $20 billion in 2020. In addition to the financial losses, businesses also experience disruption, compromised or lost data, and lost productivity during recovery efforts. 

Cybercrime is a growing trend, and for many businesses, it’s more a matter of when, not if, they will be affected by a ransomware attack. As attacks become more prevalent, having the best defense can help give you peace of mind.   

Our expert security team has the tools, partners, and know-how to help your firm architect a security posture to guard against the latest tactics, minimize exposure, and reduce the potential impact of attempted attacks. Sanity Solutions can guide your IT team through a thorough evaluation and assessment process where we focus on critical areas within your security program, including:

Detection and Response 

One of the first lines of defense against cybercriminals is visibility. As a part of our Managed Detection & Response offering, your organization’s network, applications and assets are monitored for malicious actors and threats, providing 24×7 eyes-on-glass by named security engineers that acts as an extension of your team. 

Our SOC as-a-Service offering also includes Incident Response and containment services.

Email & Cloud Storage Security 

The 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report revealed that ninety-four percent of malware was sent via email. Despite all the education on phishing available, hackers are still easily able to convince unsuspecting users to open the wrong email and put organizations at risk of cyberattack. It’s a necessity for every business to make sure that all email and cloud storage solutions are secured. The Sanity Solutions team is proficient in cloud security, and we can help monitor your organization’s cloud services to provide an additional layer of security. 

Endpoint Security 

Ransomware attacks heavily rely on propagation throughout your IT infrastructure. Therefore, it is critical to protect the endpoints, which are being used as a medium to carry the malicious payload. Endpoint security helps protect any networks connected to devices like smartphones, laptops, and IoT devices. 

Endpoint security solutions include antivirus and threat detection, as well as extended detection & response (XDR) capabilities. These solutions could also provide additional capabilities like device posture management, and data leak protection to keep your network and endpoint devices safe. 

Vulnerability Management 

A cyberattack can exploit any security holes or vulnerabilities within your network or software. A security assessment can proactively assess your network for potential vulnerabilities and determine what can be patched, fixed through software updates, or if stricter security settings are needed. This process isn’t a one-and-done assessment, you should monitor your network for potential vulnerabilities that could allow ransomware to harm your organization. 

Security Awareness Training 

One of the best defenses against ransomware is empowering your employees to learn about potential threats. Nearly 97% of malware scams rely on Social Engineering to target people. Security awareness training is a key piece of security practices for every organization. It helps your employees become more proactive about watching for potential cyber scams and reporting anything suspicious in real-time. 

Protect Your Data with Sanity Solutions 

With a complete picture of your organization’s environment, our team can help design a comprehensive security roadmap that works for your business objectives and within your budget. Learn more about your options for developing a stronger cybersecurity plan with Sanity Solutions.