Posted on September 17, 2021.

Cybercriminals are getting bolder by the day as the scams they commit are becoming more prevalent. Government entities, healthcare facilities, and large corporations can all be at risk of having sensitive data compromised. For example, in a recent breach, the Russian hacking group, Nobelium gained access to the United States Agency for International Development’s Constant Contact account, putting 3,000 emails across 150 companies at risk.  

The latest security threat is only an email click away. With many companies opting for long-term remote working solutions, it’s more important than ever that employees know cybersecurity best practices. Use these tips to make sure your employees know and understand the importance of cybersecurity, and more importantly – put these tips into practice. 

Create a cybersecurity plan for your company 

One of the best ways to stay proactive about potential cyber threats is by developing security protocols and policies to help educate employees on protecting their devices and sensitive data. Outline basic security measures that employees can use at the office and home, like locking screens when away, protecting passwords, and using secured wi-fi. Provide secured, remote connectivity options to employees who work remotely and facilitate multi-factor authentication for servers or cloud services that store sensitive data. 

Consider talking with your organization’s leadership team to get buy-in on sharing the importance of maintaining strong cybersecurity practices throughout the company. With their support, you can showcase how a security breach can impact all aspects of an organization by providing examples of how an organization is affected financially, operationally, and from a customer experience standpoint. 

A great way to keep your employees updated on security best practices and the latest scams is through educational software that guides them through learning modules. Employees can build security awareness and compliance into their daily habits. 

Include cybersecurity when onboarding employees 

It’s important to take the opportunity to make new employees aware of your organization’s security standards and protocols. Have new employees complete cybersecurity training within the first month of joining the organization. Consider creating a tip sheet that includes FAQs, company-wide security policies to follow, and a contact list for the IT and Security team. These steps show new employees that cybersecurity is taken very seriously within your organization. 

Evaluate and prepare for a potential cyber attack

Improve your team’s confidence in facing a potential cyberattack by testing your organization’s ability to withstand a breach. Stay aware of what possible security scams are becoming prevalent in your industry and alert your employees as needed. Consider conducting a security assessment, and a penetration test, to determine if any vulnerabilities exist, and could be exploited to cause harm to your organization. Ensure employees are regularly running the latest software versions and monitoring their emails regularly. It may also be worthwhile to conduct a simulation breach to show employees how to respond to an actual cybersecurity attack. This provides valuable feedback about potential vulnerabilities to address or if additional protocols are needed. 

Create an open environment where employees can report suspicious activity  

In addition to educating employees about cybersecurity practices, make sure they feel comfortable knowing how to report suspicious email activity. Implement an Email security solution that allows users to report suspicious activity quickly. This shows employees that their concerns are taken seriously, encouraging employees to report anything that looks out of the ordinary. If an employee accidentally clicks on a suspicious email, encourage them to report it as soon as possible. Also, consider communicating regularly with employees to share security tips and the latest potential scams through a monthly email or section of a company newsletter. 

Cyber scams are becoming more commonplace, so it’s more important than ever to stay diligent about keeping devices, and emails secure and following security best practices both at work and home. When employees are aware of potential threats and educated on reporting suspicious emails, your IT department can be much more proactive in preventing cybersecurity threats. 

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